by - July 05, 2019

Jay and I have lived in or near Oxford our entire lives. We spent most of teenage years separately and our early adult years together exploring the streets and enjoying the night life. Now that we have the kids we want to make sure they get to explore where Mummy and Daddy grew up. On Saturday we had planned to head to the beach but with Liverpool being on in the evening we didn't want to have to rush back. So instead we decided to head into Oxford and take the kids punting. 

We decided to hire our punt from the Cherwell Boathouse as there is side street parking for free at the weekends. You can hire a punt for £20ph at the weekend and £18ph on weekdays, we went for 2 hours so we didn't have to rush. We arrived at 11am and surprisingly it was really quiet. We collected our pole, paddle and seats and set up our boat. 
We decided to just jump in and go with it. 

Let me set the scene for you, we all managed to get in the boat without anyone falling in, Jay got into position and off we went....straight into the trees opposite the boathouse. Punting is not as easy as the students make it look. It took about 10 minutes but he got the hang of it and then it was smooth sailing up and down the river. 

It was so peaceful along the river, the birds were singing and all you could hear was the gentle ripple of water as the pole went in and out. We spotted a flock of ducklings, beautiful swans and a heron.
We were armed with some fresh strawberries we had picked a couple of days before and some chilled prosecco. We pulled over and tucked in to give Jay a rest. The boat was so sturdy and not wobbly at all, which for someone with a phobia of unknown waters was great. 
The kids were so confident climbing all over the boat from front to back and taking it in turns to paddle. They told us they had the best day, loved it and want to do it again. That's all I could have hoped for and am so glad we created another memory for them. 
If you haven't been punting before or forgot all about it I would definitely recommend trying it out on a sunny calm day. A perfect activity for families or a romantic date day. 

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