by - April 24, 2019

We've been National Trust for over a year now and we haven't visited anywhere near enough places. There are so many that are within an hour of us and I kick myself when I'm racking my brain for places to go and I forget the National Trust. In February half term we spent the afternoon at Upton House and Gardens. We were really lucky with the weather during half term so being outside was a must when we were making plans. When we arrived to the main entrance to the gardens we were greeted with a small nursery of plants which you could purchase. We booked our tour of the house here and went off to explore the grounds. All the spring flowers were appearing and the lawns were covered in the most gorgeous flowers. We sat and had a picnic on the large lawn at the back of the gardens. It wasn't overly busy so the boys had the space to play football and run around without being in peoples way. There were some parts of the gardens that were shut and due to open when the weather was better. 
Depending on whether we have the dog we always go into the houses at the National Trust sites. The kids seem to always be so intrigued to see who lived there and what it was like when it was someones home. Upton House was great for children. They had sections in most of the rooms where they could dress up or play with old toys. We walked around in around 15 minutes and skipped the introduction at the beginning.
Another gorgeous National Trust spot, which is perfect for the whole family. I would recommend about half a day here to fit everything in and either have a picnic or some food in the cafe. A little extra point you can't bring your dog to this location as its just kept gardens. 

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