by - April 29, 2019

Dear Mean People,

I found myself thinking about you recently, thinking about why you decide to do mean things you know will hurt people. Little things that you know will trigger people to feel anxious and sad. I wonder if you know the effect your actions have on others and whether your conscience gives you a feeling of wrongdoing.

I don't feel anger towards you I feel sadness. Sadness for the pain you must be suffering to vent on other people. I've discovered people who give out the least amount of kindness are the people who need it the most. We live in a world where we're encouraged to be perfect and as human beings we are simply not. This brings anxiety, insecurities, jealousy and a whole host of toxic feelings we shouldn't need to feel. I wish you didn't have to feel any of these.

Imagine a world where instead of showing malice and bitterness we show compassion and love to each other. We spend time understanding and accepting people for exactly who they are. We empower and encourage any person who is in our network. We show gratitude and contentment for the present moment and work individually on aspects we want to change.

It's ok to realise that some people and relationships are not meant for you, we're individuals and that's what makes us special. It's ok to gently exit people from your life. Use the unkind judgements and assumptions of strangers and recognise that your perception of others is often a reflection of yourself and the way that you're feeling.

The truth is the world is a pretty sad place at the moment, you can't turn on the news or social media without seeing more tragedy and darkness. The world is a beautiful place and needs to be healed and although it can't be solely by kindness and compassion I'd like to think it could be to part of the answer. Kindness often encourages kindness.

Be Kind always.

The world needs your brightness. 

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