by - March 11, 2019

Our little Eva recently turned 4 and for her birthday party decided to have a unicorn party. This was her first party with all of her school friends and when I started looking at ideas for the party this was the first idea I came across. 
I had seem a similar idea on Pinterest and decided to create my own for Eva's friends to take home from the party. Not that I have anything against party bags and I know kids love them...but as parents is there anything more annoying that a bag full of small plastic bits that end up in the bottom of a draw or in the bin. Not to mention how bad it all is for the environment. 
These were super simple to make and such a lovely idea for the little ones to take home, take care of and watch grow. I'll be honest it's a slightly time consuming task but I feel it was well worth it when they were all finished and we handed them out. I chose to add lavender to the pots, not only does it smell gorgeous, its an easy plant to take care of and can be relocated into the garden.

What you'll need:

* Plant Pots (either plastic or terracotta) 
* White Paint 
* Rubber Gloves
* Glue Dots or Superglue
* Lollipop Sticks
* Pink/blue paint 
* Black Sharpie Pen
* Soil
* Lavender or chosen plant
The process is very straight forward: 

* Start by painting your pots with a first coat, this will give you a base to work off. I gave the pots three coats in total and painted the inside rim so you couldn't see any of the terracotta once the plant was potted. (Tip. Use a rubber glove on the hand you're holding the pot it means you don't have to be careful when painting and saves scrubbing your hand afterwards.)

* Once the pots are painted and you're happy with the coverage, print off the Unicorn Printable and cut out the unicorn crown. The printable comes with eyes but I didn't use them. Stick your crown onto the top edge of the pot. 

* Then take your sharpie and draw the unicorn eyes under the crown, I used the two side flowers to judge where to place them. 

* Once you're happy with the external of your pot you can now plant the lavender. Be careful with adding the soil as it will mark the outside of the pot if you get it on there. 

* For the final touch I added a painted lollipop stick with the child's name on. This also makes it so much easier to make sure you have one for each child and at the end handing them out. 

* For the boys attending the party I did a simple blue rim and a blue lollipop stick. 
I added a party bag with cake and bubbles in to go with it as you can't come home from the party without birthday cake. 

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