by - February 22, 2019

Do you ever get somewhere in your head and know that at some point you must visit. I came across Horsey Gap and put it right up there on my English bucket list, I've decided to categorise my travel bucket lists as it was just getting way to big to keep up with all together. I realised when I looked into visiting that the beach is only a 15 minute car journey from where my Dad lives...meant to be I think so. 
December, January are the best time to go to see the seals, especially if you want to see the newborn pups as they grow extremely fast. Although, we went mid February and the beach was completely covered and they stretched all the way round to Winterton beach there certainly wasn't a shortage of seals this year. We were really lucky as it seems that some of the pups were born later and we managed to see a couple of really little ones. They have the cutest smiles when their really little and just flop on their backs and pose away. 
There is a car park at the top of the cliff, it has a pay and display payment and a small burger van ideal if you want to take a coffee down to the beach. You take a short 10 minute walk through the sand dunes to the edge of the cliff. Immediately you can see them all laying just at the waters edge.

It is worth noting it isn't advised to get to close, seals have a terrible bite and are extremely protective over their cubs. They're also surprisingly fast on the sand....

Theres a 1940's war themed cafe called Poppyfields on the main road before you head down to Horsey Gap, the food is pretty good and looking at all of the memorabilia kept the kids entertained throughout lunch. 

I would recommend visiting to everyone, it really is a surreal experience being so close to the seals and seeing them in their natural habitat. 

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