by - January 25, 2019

I'm sure we live as close to the middle of England as you can get, which means for us the closest beach is around 2 hours away. So no popping for a walk along the beach front for us. Nether the less being by the water or in the middle of the countryside is where I'm at my calmest. I really don't enjoy spending the day at the most touristy beaches, I much prefer a quieter location where we have the beach almost to ourselves. 

Theres something so magical about the beach in winter, the air is so crisp and it feels so peaceful. Walking along the shoreline in wellies, wrapped up snuggly, hot coffee and no pressure. 

On New Years Eve we decided to pack the car up and travel to Old Hunstanton. I'd seen some lovely reviews of the beach here. We arrived and parked in the cliff top car park, next to a gorgeous refurbished lighthouse. We got our wellies on and walked down the the beach. We walked along by the cliffs, the kids went looking for treasure and had a paddle in the sea. The beach was so quiet we only saw a handful of people the whole time we were there. 
There was soft sand, sand dunes and rows of beautiful beach huts, I imagine they're a beautiful spot to be when the weather is better. I've been told that this is one of the best beaches in England for sunsets, although we got a slight pink sky we weren't lucky enough to experience one, we'll be heading back here in the summer to try and capture one.
Once we'd spent a few hours at the beach we decided to head to Eric's Fish and Chip's which is just outside Thornham, we'd been told that they were the best around and they did not disappoint. Be prepared for it to be super busy we waited for almost an hour as there were so many people in there, but as my husband says you know it's a good place if people are willing to wait. There is a park area out the back so the kids were happy to play on there. The shop is located in a rural shopping area with a collection of independent stores including an orchard shop and some Scandi inspired shops. We decided to take out fish and chips back to the beach to enjoy with a small glass of bubbly. 
These are the memories I want to treasure for ever and the ones I want them to look back on. These are the times where I get the warm fuzzy feeling inside our bubble. These are the moments I want to recreate forever. 
"Your child won't remember the presents you buy them, but they will remember the time you spent with them and the love you gave them."

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