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"Keep close to natures heart...
and break clear away, once in a while
and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.
Wash your spirit clean" - John Muir
We've had the hottest summer this year and the one weekend we decide to camp, it was forecasted to rain the entire time, I'm not surprised rain follows us everywhere we go. We almost decided to cancel the trip but with the kids so excited to go we decided to man up and just embrace the rain. We set off around 7:30am (we overslept) and had a smooth traffic free journey, the minute we entered the village of Osmington the heavens opened. Trying our best not to dampen our spirits we checked in and found our perfect spot to pitch. You have complete freedom of where you would like to stay, some pitched allow you to park your car and some you have to leave it in the main carpark, others are flat and nearer the centre and the most daring are high on the hill right by the ocean with incredible views. We opted for the top field, which gave you ocean views but with slight shelter from the wind. We had planned to practice putting the tent up but with everyday life and work getting in the way we didn't get time, surprisingly though we managed to get it up without a hitch and not one single argument. I'd say we looked like a couple of pro's...ha! The rain started to ease off so we emptied the car, set the beds up and tried to make it as cosy as we could.
We chose to stay at Ewelease Farm in Osmington, Dorset. We stayed here 5 years ago with the whole of Jay's family and we really loved the site. We actually ended up staying in the exact same corner we were in last time. It's only open for 4 weeks of the year and is set on a working farm. They've upgraded it a lot since we last went, every field has hot showers, there's a spa, turkish bath and a new restaurant. There's loads of food choices in the centre and a shop which stocks all of your essentials at not too ridiculous prices. The toilets and showers are cleaned so regularly throughout the day, I must have seen them at least 5 times. The toilets are compostable so it might take a couple of uses to feel normal, but I can assure you it smells better than a portable loo. They do ice pack exchanges for 50p so you can bring food with you and keep it fresh throughout your stay. The site is pet friendly and I think we'll take Thor next time now we've had a practice run.
There's farm animals in a field which are tame and the children are able to walk through and stroke them all. They have a sectioned off part full with dogs and there new puppies which you can stroke and walk and a barn full of hay bales the kids can run and play on whilst mummy and daddy have a coffee and some peace. 
(they don't stop for a second on the hay bales.)
The campsite has its own private beach, which you can access from the beach field via steps. The beach is pebbly, so sea shoes would probably have been a good idea, but the kids didn't mind too much, I think I felt it more. They've added two rafts so you can swim to them, neither of us felt brave enough to swim out. I'm so glad we managed to spend some time on there when the sun decided to come out.
Another great thing about the site is you're permitted to make campfires, a lot of campsites these days don't let you have fires so its worth checking before you book somewhere. They sell kindling and logs on site and they're the same price as anywhere else, great for buying fresh wood everyday..we went through a lot. The kids and Jay and I loved making a fire every evening, we would have hot chocolate and marshmallows around it and then when the kids were asleep we would snuggle up on our chairs and talk until we went to bed. 
We walked the coastal path to The Smugglers Inn which is the local pub they recommend, its about a mile and a half and a lot of hills but the kids were both fine and there wasn't any dangerous parts of the walk although you wouldn't be able to take a pushchair. The sun started to come out on a walk which was such an added bonus. The food is lovely and reasonably priced and we found lots of animals along the way and the views were incredible.
I would absolutely recommend Eweleaze to anyone who is looking for a campsite for next year. It really is a great family campsite, with the freedom to be so close to so many gorgeous sites in Dorset. We visited a few lovely places which I'll talk about in my next post. We've decided to make it an annual thing as the kids loved it so much, next time I think we'll stay for a week and make the most of the wonderful site. 

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