by - August 24, 2018

Waking up our first full day with the rain hammering down onto the tent, it was not what I imagined. I had convinced myself that the weather forecast was wrong and we would be blessed with lovely sunny summers days, so I felt even more disheartened. We didn't want to let it stop us from exploring the places we had planned, so we got up, had breakfast, got ready and headed down to Durdle door.We arrived in the car park at the top of the hill and made our way down to the top of cliff. 
Once we reached the top only then did we notice the 50+ steep steps you needed to take to get down the beach, in that moment I looked down at my white converse, Eva's sandals and the boys trainers, looked back up the mammoth hill we had walked down and decided the ruined shoes would be a much easier option than walking back up to get the wellies. We made it 3/4 of the way down with minimal mess, we had been carefully stepping around the big puddles and then it happened, Noah was holding my hand and he decided he would take a speedier approach on the last few steps jumped straight into a massive puddle and covered me from the knee down with muddy water. Safe to say it took a few moments of solidarity to compose myself. I'm confident in saying this is not a pushchair friendly destination. 
Our main reason for visiting Dorset was Noah's new fascination with rocks and fossils. It's something he's really focused on and talks about a lot, so visiting the Jurassic coast was a great choice. As soon as we got on the beach he took his bag and went off searching for interesting rocks and fossils. The rain eased off and we were able to spend about an hour walking around fossil hunting. 
Whats worse than coming down ridiculously steep hills and steps and getting covered in mud? Walking back up the ridiculously steep hills and steps with a 3 year old who doesn't want to walk, a 7 year old who's had enough and a mum who has the fitness level of a hippo. It was intense and never ending but we made it up with the promise of Ice cream and Coffee.  
Day three was a lot nicer to wake up to. The rain had gone and we decided we were going to stay another night and enjoy some good weather. We headed for Weymouth Harbour. We walked around and stopped for a drink in Old Rooms Inn, the pub overlooks the harbour with cosy outdoor seating. 
We had planned to do crabbing but we couldn't fit the buckets in the car on the way down so decided to do a boat ride instead. With Eva being under 4 our options were limited but we decided on Thunderbolt, a classic speedboat ride. David the skipper was lovely and full of knowledge. The kids loved driving fast out on the open water. 
We ended the day eating some delicious fish and chips from Bennett's by the water, headed back to the campsite and had hot chocolate by the fire. 
Our final day in Dorset was by far the day that brought us the best weather. We packed up on site, filled the car and drove over to Lulworth Cove. I think I underestimated how busy it was going to be here, it's definitely a popular tourist attraction. After queuing to park for around 20 minutes, we took the walk down to the main village street which were full of ice cream shops and cafe's. We arrived at lunch time so stopped to eat in the Boat Shed cafe which sits right on the front over looking the cove, it was surprisingly not to busy and we sat down and ordered straight away. 
We took our spot on the beach over by the rock pools and all went on the hunt for crabs, there were hundreds of them hiding under the rocks, the kids were both so involved with picking them up, putting them back and carefully recovering them so they were left safe. Eva really shocked me on this holiday she seriously is a girl with no fear, from holding baby frogs, farm animals and finally crabs I love watching there little minds work. 
We hadn't noticed Chris on our walk down but perched on some steps at the bottom the hill he sits and paints rocks and shells for people to purchase. The colours were incredible and it was mesmerising watching him work. Noah picked a army themed rock and Eva chose a pink shell. He personalised the back of both of them with their name, date and the location. A very special memory to treasure. 
The village of Lulworth was picturesque, full of lots of seaside charm and even with the tourists flocking by the hundreds it surprisingly didn't feel over crowded. 

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