by - July 31, 2018

We had a relatively small garden in our old house and were limited on what we could design and fit into it for the children. Since we moved to the new house our garden has almost quadrupled in size, we're making the most of being able to be outside and enjoy the space. One of the things I've always wanted for the children was a outside chalkboard, so with so much more space in the garden and a brick wall to attach it to.

I set the hubby a task of sourcing some MDF. He got and cut to size some moisture resistant MDF. This is the perfect material to use if you're going to leave the board outside as it won't rot due to the rain. We decided to make it a feature so we added a border using architrave. This was an extra feature and the chalkboard would still be fab without it.
He then painted the whole thing on both sides with a grey undercoat to help protect the MDF and make it last longer. My husband is a perfectionist so he filled and sanded every tiny little hole so that the pin marks couldn't be seen. Eva enjoyed helping daddy do this one. He coated the architrave with a light grey paint we had left over from the front door at our old house. 
Jay then attached the chalkboard to the wall so that he could fill and sand the holes before he rolled the chalkboard paint on. He applied two coats of chalk paint and then sanded before applying the final one to help the magnetic effect perform better.
The kids were delighted with the finished product, such a simple fun DIY to make for you're garden. 
We used the Rust-Oleum Magnetic Chalkboard Paint - Black. You can get the same paint here on Amazon. 

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