by - July 09, 2018

I haven't mentioned our 5th family member on the blog since we announced we'd brought him, mostly because for the first year I spent every other day considering sending him back to the breeder. 
Thor celebrated his third birthday on Saturday (7th July) and it took some time but I'm madly in love with him. Some might say borderline obsessed, he's well and truly a member of our family. He's cheeky, naughty, hyperactive, he can jump about 6 foot and he still chews the children's toys but I let him off and can't stay mad at his little face. He has the sweetest nature and just wants everyone who steps foot in the door to give him as much love and attention as we do. 

I've got a few facts for anyone who maybe interested in adding a Frenchie into their homes....

* They're ridiculously cute when they are puppies, this is how they lure you in.
* Their farts are deadly, prepare to be constantly poisoned. 
* They have incredibly sensitive tummies, keep baby wipes with you at all times.
* They need to be touched constantly, they will find you where ever you are.
* They lay like frogs and take up more room than a Labrador.
* They snore like you have never heard snoring before, they also spend most of the day snorting like a pig.
* They cannot swim, not even a tiny bit. Cue a sinking Frenchie and a soggy owner.
* People for some reason will find it really difficult to differentiate them from a pug or Boston Terrior.
* They are insanely strong, don't let their size fool you. Even my super strong husband can be jolted forward. 
* They do not appreciate baths, you and you're bathroom will get extremely wet.
* They make the worst guard dogs, if they wake up to someone coming in the house the minute they get attention from them they'll become their new best friend.

The most important point for us is how wonderful they are with children, Thor is Eva's best friend and he is so incredibly gentle with her. 

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