by - July 19, 2018

Apart from the beaches in Mexico, we haven't visited a UK beach since we went to Cornwall last year. With the weather being so gorgeous at the moment I've wanted to fit in as much 'outdoors' as we can. We typically go to Bournemouth on a trip out, but with the weather being so good I couldn't cope with the idea of being surrounded by hundreds of people and battling for car parking spaces. I came across Mersea Island whilst doing some research on places to visit in the UK. It's rustic coastal charm and dreamy pastel beach huts drew us in immediately. 
The island was around 2 and half hours from us, but with a smooth drive with no traffic it didn't feel too long at all. You enter the island via the strood which is only possible with the correct tide. Twice a day the sea covers the road and really makes Mersea Island an island. We arrived at 9:30 and headed straight to the small boating harbour and parked up. 
We brought some crabbing equipment and found our spot on the jetty. Straight away we noticed that even on a scorching Sunday it wasn't crowded and everyone had there own space. We ended up sitting there for an hour, there were so many crabs every time we dropped the line we got at least one attached to the net, we had to pour them back in twice as we were getting too many in the bucket. Noah loved being able to do this by himself, it's one of my favourite childhood memories. 
Once we had finished crabbing we packed up our bits and jumped on the wonderful Lady Grace boat trip. We got the boat all to ourselves and for only £3 per person we got a beautiful 20 minute ride around the Packing Shed Island, it was so peaceful to be out on the water. 
We ended our time at this part of the Island with a yummy ice cream and a stop at the wonderful house boats that were along the coast line.
Although you could take a walk to West Mersea beach, we decided with having the kids and all the stuff we would drive over and park in the car park. As soon as you arrive at the beach you're struck by the lines of dreamy pastel beach huts. We spent the rest of the afternoon here, eating our picnic, collecting shells and oyster shells and paddling in the sea. The beach was a mixture of sand and stones, so not the most comfiest to walk on but we found a sandy spot and once the kids got used to it they didn't even notice. Again we noticed that even with it being so lovely the beach didn't feel over crowded and we had so much space.
The Island is famous for its incredible seafood, and I read so many reviews raving about it. The only problem for us is that we don't eat seafood..ha! We opted for the stunning The Coast Inn which overlooked the harbour. They had a great menu, but we really went for the views. It finished our day of perfectly. 
I couldn't recommend the island anymore, if you're looking for a non commercialised coastal town this is for you. We can't wait to head back next year. 

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