by - July 02, 2018

I know its a controversial subject but I won't feel guilty for encouraging my daughter to play with pink, girly toys. Most of the time she doesn't need encouraging but if I choose a present for either myself to buy or a family member to get her its normally something from the 'girls' section. My brother got her this gorgeous Fairy Unicorn Garden set for Christmas and we decided to keep it aside for her for when the weather got better and we could keep it outside.
The set comes with a sturdy plastic dish, which is light weight and easy for little ones to manoeuvre. The first step is to fill the dish with soil which isn't provided, so don't do what I do and get it all out ready to start and realise you haven't read the box. It asks you to press the soil flat, this was something Eva could do by herself.
Next up is getting the scene ready, we went by the look on the box as Eva liked that and wanted do it exactly the same. If your child is around 3 they'll need some help with this as some of the bits are tricky to put together. Once you're happy it's how you want it you need to sprinkle your grass seeds all over and water.
A very happy girly with her finished garden.
The box says you should expect to see grass within a few days but ours took at least a week before we got a little sprouting. She was so proud of herself for watering it everyday when she saw it starting to grow.
Ta Da. A perfectly magical fairy garden.
I think this is a great gift for any child ages 3 and above. We've had this finished for a few weeks and it's still going strong, even having a few grass trims. For less than £20 its a great activity gift which a child can get a real sense of pride when they see there hard work pay off.  

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