by - June 28, 2018

A few weeks ago we spent some time at Steane Park which is located in Northamptonshire. Every year gardens all over the country open for short periods of time for guests to come and admire there beauty. When we moved into our new house last year we drove past Steane Park and I noticed that they were part of the National Garden Scheme and was gutted that we had missed the open day for that year. So I kept checking online and finally the dates for 2018 were open. I had high hopes for this garden and I wasn't disappointed. 
They recreated the iconic 'Monet Bridge' it looks magnificent and really creates a idyllic setting.  
The gorgeous moon gate, was such a fun addition. 
Both the children said that this vegetable patch reminded them of Peter Rabbit. 
The pond area was stunning and beautifully kept. There was a sweet rowing boat which Eva was desperate to go in, a really peaceful place to stop.
There was a gorgeous chapel of St Peter on the grounds which was rebuilt by Sir Thomas Crewe in memory of his wife. Inside was full of memories and history, along with pictures of the renovation of Steane Park since it was taken over in 1990, really interesting to see the progression along the way. 
This little wigwam was a hit with Eva, it was open for the children to get into and have a look around. 
There was so much space for them to run free as it wasn't busy they didn't have to feel like they couldn't go off and explore all of the hidden passages and secret hiding places. 
Days like these are my favourite. Such simple pleasures of walking around a beautiful garden with my favourite people talking, laughing, singing and making the most gorgeous memories. 
Chasing two children around and trying not to make the whole day about taking photos meant I didn't take as many photos of the sensational flowers the garden had to offer. There really was hundreds of beautiful flowers to see. 
This year Steane Park are open for two days and the next one is Sunday 1st July as part of the National Garden Scheme. If your not sure what the NGS is have a look on their website as they have hundreds of gardens all over the country which only open for a small time every year. By visiting a garden you'll be supporting the incredible charity work that they do, you can read more about it on their website. 

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