by - April 13, 2018

In around 7 weeks we will be packing our cases, going to Gatwick and flying 10 hours to the beautiful Moon Palace resort in Mexico. As usual I've spent hours researching our hotel, whats local to us and what the best excursions are for us to do. The hotel is loaded with activities for the whole family and even boasts its own water park. If we didn't want to we could easily spend the whole time there and still not get bored. We really like to get out and explore where we are so I've picked 4 excursions that I would love to do whilst we're away. 

This place is a bit of a drive from where our hotel is but I think it will be worth the travel, it is the only archaeological site that looks over the Caribbean sea, it has a great amount of Mayan ruins and little secret beaches. We're hoping to do this and Xel-Ha in one day.
This incredible nature park boasts hours of activities from snorkelling, incredible scenery, ecological attraction and my favourite you can book an encounter with Manatee's. They have been my favourite animal since I first set my eyes on them at Disney World Florida in 2005 and to have the chance to swim with them would be sensational. 
Isla Mujeres 
From the beautiful scenery, to incredible swimming this little bit of paradise looks so beautiful to explore and its just a short boat ride from our hotel. 
Has been identified as one of the 7 new wonders of the world and was built by the Mayan people. It holds a lot of history and is a part of Mexico we would love to see. 
My friend told me about the Jolly Roger Pirate ship. It's like stepping back in time and being on board a pirate ship, including sword fight, canons roaring and gun powder exploding as you sail out to find the hidden treasure. The children are going to love this one just as much as we will.
If anyone has been to Mexico and has anything else they'd recommend or any tips for us, we'd really appreciate it. 

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