by - April 24, 2018

To my sweet husband,

Today was your birthday, we've spent 9 birthdays together and each year my heart grows a little bit more for you. Today we get to celebrate 28 years of you being YOU and that makes me so happy. Things like this make you cringe and I'm sure you'll be mortified this whole letter is about you, but you'll have to get over it today because it's all about you. 

Let me start by saying you're the absolute best person I know, you're caring and thoughtful and the most forgiving human. I've had the privilege of following you around for a while now and I've watched you develop into even more of a wonderful man.

You have this ability of getting on with anyone, you don't have the awkward silences and you make anyone feel welcome. You don't hold grudges and know that this life is too short and was made for living and not feeling anger. 

Being a father made you what you are today and it is a dream to watch you with the children. I knew when I met you that you would make a great father but you have superseded any expectations I had. You've created a bond with them that will never be broken and a feeling of security which will shape their futures. You make family a number one priority and would drop anything for any one of us, that's an admirable trait more people could do with having. 

As husbands go you're at the top of the list. Everything you do and sacrifice is for us, you work you're pretty little butt off so we can live the most incredible life and create a life that's wonderful for our children. You have a way of making everything ok, when I feel bad about myself you're there picking me up, you still 9 years on surprise me with date nights, flowers and random wonderful texts. When we bicker, you're the first one to say sorry because you know how annoyingly stubborn I am. You make a huge contribution to our relationship everyday and that's why we work so perfectly. Every decision you need to make, you ask my opinion and we work it out together, you don't have to do that and it means so much you value my thoughts. 

You have been and always will be the hardest person to buy for and it makes me so worried right up until you finally tell me what you want, I should know by now you'll always find something and I shouldn't panic, but you'll never have massive surprises because you're too bloody fussy.

So my darling, here's to another year celebrating you.

Love you indescribably,

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