by - April 06, 2018

This year marks me being a mum for 7 years. 7 whole years of trial and error, making mistakes and learning on the job. I was thinking to myself the other day as again I wiped the toilet seat after one of the children, I must have picked up some tips and lessons along the way that make the job of motherhood easier, here goes....

1. Get to know caffeine, make it your friend. It will help you more times than you will want to admit. 

2. Carry baby wipes everywhere, in your bag, car, anywhere. It doesn't matter how old your children are they will save you. 

3. Don't worry about what other people think of you, you will never be perfect and people will always judge you. Just be yourself and be happy, your children will thank you for it. 

4. Carry snacks with you at all times, there is nothing worse than being caught off guard when your child is hungry. Again it doesn't matter how old your children are carry snacks.

5. The mum who claims to feed her child organically sourced hand picked food, probably gave them chicken nuggets and chips last night. Don't believe everything you read. 

6. You will never be alone, there will always be child with you. 

7. Don't think you can over love your child. Snuggle them for as long as you can, kiss them as much as they'll let you and tickle them until they can't take anymore. Those moments wont last forever. 

8. Don't judge other mums, they're all fighting the same battle as you. The mum sat on her phone instead of engaging with her child could have had the worst night yet and needs a little virtual escape, she still loves her child the same as you. Smile at her and let her know you're sending her mummy strength.

9. You will without any shadow of a doubt say the things your mum said to you. 'were you born in a barn?' and countless other classic lines. 

10. If you get handed hand picked flowers, regardless of whether they are screwed up dead dandelions you must accept them with over enthusiastic gratitude and keep them on show until they disintegrate. One day you wont get them so treasure the moments you do.

11. Avoid the colour white for everything. It's a pointless buy, the white blouse will look beautiful for a whole 10 minutes before its stained beyond cleaning. The colour white only leads to heartbreak, avoid avoid avoid. 

12. There's never a right time to have children, my son was an unexpected surprise when we couldn't have been more unready and because of him I think we've achieved more than we would have done without him. Don't wait for that perfect moment there isn't one. 

13. Some days (most days) bedtime will be your favourite time of the day. It doesn't make you a bad mum to want a break from them, it makes you a sane human who needs some time without having to constantly think about somebody else. 

14. You're house and car will never be constantly clean for the foreseeable future. Accept it and move on its not worth fretting over and cleaning can wait. Making memories and having fun can't.  

15. Tell your children you love them all of the time, you cannot say it enough. Say it when they won't say it back, when you leave them at school and when they go to bed. Tell them you will love them no matter what and you will always love them.

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