by - March 15, 2018

Waking up on the final day of holiday always leaves you with that feeling in the pit of your stomach, it doesn't matter how long you've been away nobody likes coming back to reality. We decided to make another full day of it so we packed up the car and drove to our next destination. 

We arrived at Beddgelert and we were instantly drawn in by is charm. It's a small village right in the heart for Snowdonia. There is a slow running river running through the middle and is full of the most charming cottages and quirky shops. I can imagine sitting on the grass having a picnic here in the summer.
Our final stop on the way home was at the magnificent Fairy Glen just outside Betws-Y-Coed. It's tucked away behind a farm and is privately owned by the farmer. It costs 50p per person to enter and then you're left to explore. It's a good gravelled path along to the fairy glen, if you have a pushchair you could bypass the fairy glen and take a beautiful walk on the riverside. The route is not for the fainthearted and you'll need to be extra vigilant when taking children. You gradually walk higher and higher next to the river until you reach some steep, slippery slate steps. This is the part I can imagine most people with children would have turned round and 
It was both mine and my husbands first time to Wales without being on a school trip and we are so annoyed with ourselves that this is the first time we've been. As soon as you drive an hour in over the border of England you are struck with beauty all around. Every few hundred yards there are waterfalls on the side of the road, the rivers run along side and there are places you can pull over to get a closer look. You could go there and not spend a penny visiting attractions and still see some of the most beautiful sites you will ever see. 
We will definitely be returning to Snowdonia, maybe next time when the weathers a bit nicer and we can explore some of there incredible beaches. It's definitely not about just climbing Mount Snowdon and it's certainly a holiday where you can take children of all ages. 

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