by - March 20, 2018

Yesterday brought us the second part of Beast from the East, admittedly it was no where near as severe but still we had enough snow and ice for it to stop us doing anything. Jay had work booked in so it was just me and the children all day. Is it just me or does the day feel like it is so much longer when your forced to stay at home and your parenting alone, I have a lot of admiration for single mums. 

We had a long lazy morning in bed watching as much Netflix as I could get away with. By just after lunch they were done, they were grouchy, bored and you could feel the energy building inside. I though it would be a good idea to get them both out of the house for some much needed fresh air. 

We didn't venture far, it was freezing and so windy but just to be outside for a walk made the world of difference to their moods. They're both still mesmerised by the snow so they walked along jumping in the untouched parts and making snowballs as we walked. Noah found a big stick and was tapping the trees to make the snow fall. 

They were just so happy, the fresh air just hit them and they felt free and able to explore which I love to watch. We have an empty field at the bottom of our road so we were completely alone to run, jump and be silly.

By the time we'd looped back to our house, we all had cold hands and red noses so we went in for some well deserved hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

A lovely little snowy adventure, unplanned and gorgeous. 

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