by - March 30, 2018

If you speak to any of my friends or family they will tell you how when it comes to any occasion I will spend hours planning and making it all a wonderful in my head, but for some reason have real difficulty actually bringing the plans to life.

That's why the simple last minute gift ideas always take my vote over the month long creations others so wonderfully produce. I recently showed you a simple Easter gift idea for your child's teacher which you can read here and decided that we'd get creative and make some simple last minute Easter crafts.

First up was this sweet fingerprint card, Eva is a bit bunny mad at the moment and is desperate to have her own. This is super simple and can even be given as a little gift to someone you care about.
We make some chick rocks to hide in our local area. I'm not sure if you have them around where you live but around near us there are lots of rock hiding. This one was aimed more at Noah as he was able to create the chick picture but Eva enjoyed just painting again. You can do this anytime of the year and can find your local rock hiding group on Facebook.
We did some egg painting, Eva particularly enjoyed this activity and although they're no master piece they sure did give her something to concentrate on doing and be proud of at the end.

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