by - March 05, 2018

Just like that my beautiful, sweet, funny and delicious little princess has turned three. Watching her grow and smile each day is the greatest thing in the world. She has the most infectious laugh and she melts the hearts of everyone she meets. Her heart is so big and full of empathy for everyone who crosses her path. It's makes me so sad she's growing so quickly, but watching her grow fills me with such joy and happiness.

On her birthday we woke up to being snowed in, although it changed our plans it meant we ended up having a slow chilled day, we even managed to sneak out and get some yummy milkshakes at a cool diner we found in our local town. 
Eva's still a bit young for a big birthday party so we decided to throw her a little birthday tea and invited her family and close friends over for some cake. This mummy even stepped out of her comfort zone and made her a cake, it was far from perfect but when her little face lit up when she saw it, the 1 major meltdown didn't seem so bad. She had a fantastic time celebrating with the ones who love her most. I hope she continues to shine her way through this world, I love this little girl more than she will ever know.

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