by - March 07, 2018

This Sunday is all about celebrating mothers for everything they do throughout the year. Like anyone I love the homemade cards, tea and cuddles in bed and throwing the 'it's mothers day' to my husband when it comes to clearing up, but really I wouldn't even be celebrating March 11th as a mother if it wasn't for my two beautiful children. I am so grateful to have them in my life.
This is what I want them to know....

To my incredible little humans,

Firstly let me thank you. Thank you for choosing me to be your mother, for letting me experience the power of unconditional love. I love you both more than I will ever be able to express with words.

I know I'm not perfect, sometimes I shout at you too quickly when I could have just sat with you and talked it through, when you drag bedtime out and on the 10th time of coming upstairs to see what you want I'm cross instead of knowing that you just aren't tired and when after asking you to do something over and over again instead of helping you I might use some harsh words. After all of that I thank you for your forgiveness, I've made mistakes and I'm sure I will make more but you're with me through it all.

You have both taught me, to face my fears so you can see that every challenge you meet can be faced, to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life I love looking at the world through your eyes, that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and be accepted just the way they are and that Daddy and Mummy make the best team when we work together, our relationship is stronger because of you. 

There are so many reasons I am grateful to be your Mum and in no order here are a few. 

* When you come to me and cuddle me and tell me you love me for no reason. You have no idea how much joy it brings to my heart.
* When I hear your foot steps creeping into our room. Most nights I can't wait for you to go to bed so I can relax with Daddy, but I feel nothing but happiness when you come to wake us up in the morning. 
* How you snuggle right in to read your favourite story. There's no better feeling that when you're completely relaxed and cuddled into me. 
* Listening to an outbreak of giggles. It's music to my ears to hear how well you both get along and how happy you are.
* When you accomplish anything, even the smallest of things make me so incredibly proud.
* When you wake up during the night and I snuggle you back in and you say in a sleepy voice I love you, night night. In that moment life is perfect.
* Watching your imagination come to life. You shine so much light into my life.

Being a Mummy is hard work, there's no annual leave or designated breaks. Someday's I don't have the energy to get up and be the parent that you deserve but we all have those days. Soon I'll miss you constantly asking me for a snack or to wipe you on the toilet just as I've sat down and I'll be helping you move out and not tucking you in every night. I can tell you now that I will always only be a phone call away no matter where in the world you may be, I will never see you struggle and will guide you in every way I know possible. 

So again thank you my incredible children, thank you for letting me be your mum, it's the greatest privilege of my life. 

I love you indescribably,

Mummy xx  

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