by - February 11, 2018

I'm a sucker for a holiday, not in the respect I feel the need to buy expensive presents for it but it's another day we can get excited about and make fun memories. For me its the build up I love rather than the actual day, so for a week or so before the day we'll make things we can hang around the house and I always try and make something that I can keep in their memory box to remind me of that year. 

These are three fun crafts that both the kids joined in with and we had so much fun making.

Valentines Fingerprint Tree
I really liked making this one with the children, they both seemed to really enjoy having a colour each and being free to just stamp away. You could really see the difference in fingerprint size which was lush. It's also super simple to make and you could even make it on a smaller scale to make a card for somebody. 

What you'll need:

*Hand drawn or printed tree (I printed this great one from One Fab Day)
*Ink pads or finger paints - reds and pinks
*white paper 
Once you've drawn or printed your tree design onto a paper size of your choice, cut a heart template out with another piece of paper, stick that over the tree and then this will help create the more defined heart shape. Then let your little ones loose with the paints or ink pads and what your left with is a beautiful print you can keep forever.

Cheerio Bird Feeders
This super easy bird feeder is a lovely thing to make with the children, its great for their fine motor skills and also is perfect for feeding the birds this time of year. You could make a few of these and give to family members as gifts through out the year.

What you'll need:

*Floral wire
*Ribbon for hanging
This is a super simple craft, the children can just thread the cheerios on to the wire until all apart for a small bit to tie is full. I would recommend shaping the wire first as it makes it easier once the cheerios are on. 
The wire we used was quite flimsy, so I would recommend a firmer one to make the bending and knotting easier.

Clay Hanging Hearts
I've seen this two ingredient clay recipe all over Pinterest and this was the first time we had given it a go. I don't have a natural streak when it comes to baking..or cooking in fact but even I didn't mess this up.

What you'll need:

*1 cups Cornflour (cornstarch across the pond) 
*1/2 cup PVA glue
* Straw/Chop stick to make a hole 
* Heart or other shape cutters
*String or ribbon for hanging

Eva and I whipped up the super easy clay mixture we used 1 cup of cornflower and 1/2 cup of PVA but you can adjust the measurements depending on how much mixture you want to make. My advice would be to treat the mixture like making dough add cornflour or glue when needed. Once the mixture is rolled out cut out your desired shape and leave to air dry, we left ours overnight and we fully dry by the following mid morning. Make sure you add the holes at this point, you won't be able to do it once its dried, you could also make a pretty heart garland with these clay hearts, simply make two holes at the top instead of one in the middle.
(excuse the blurry crown and pyjama wearing princess, she didn't stay still for a second...!)
Once the clay is fully dry you can get decorating, we found the best things to use on them were colouring pencils and wax crayons, we even made some glitter glue. The kids had a blast having complete freedom to create what they wanted. I'm sure with older children you'd get some beautifully decorated hearts but I just love ours as they designed them all themselves. 
We're going to give the children's grandparents one each for valentines day and keep some to decorate our home. 

As a little extra idea, I really love crafts involving the children's hand prints so we made this little card for Jay from the children, because he is their wonderful valentine just as much as he is mine. 
You can handwrite or use stickers and then add some super cute hand prints. 
I hope you enjoy giving these valentines inspired crafts a go.

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