by - February 04, 2018

We spend so much of our time walking and searching for new places to have adventures that we decided that we would join the National Trust. It's something we've talked about for a while and last Saturday whilst it was raining and Jay was at work I decided to sign us up for the year, I was really surprised at how good it was value for money. 

The weather was forecasted as dry and sunny for today so we decided to check out our first national trust venue. We went to Stowe as it was only a 15 minute drive from our house. 
The first thing I noticed is how dog friendly it is, they really do make you feel welcome bringing your four legged friend along. We set off on our trail around the beautiful lake, we came across a beautiful bridge which was lovely to look out onto the lake. Noah carried round a set of binoculars with him so was stopping to see what the next building or monument was.

We then carried on our walk around the lake, there was such a huge amount of swans, they were showing off for us and we saw so many gliding across the lake.
There really isn't anywhere you can't go once your in the gardens, there are so many woodland trails and 'secret' spots you could disappear to. The children loved being able to be completely free and not have to stick to the path. 
The snow drops were out in full bloom and were dotted all around the grounds, they were so beautiful to spot. We found a small waterfall which you were able to walk around to the top and throw a coin in to make a wish. Always a hit with the kids. 
There were so many beautiful buildings, statues and monuments, Noah was really interested in reading what each one was.
I would definitely recommend a visit there and we can't wait to go back when the weathers warmer and have a picnic. You could easily spend a whole day getting lost in the grounds. 

We're excited to see where our next adventure takes us. 

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