by - February 21, 2018

We woke up full of excitement of what the day ahead would bring, after a delicious cooked breakfast, we decided as the rain had stopped before we woke we would go and explore Dorothea Quarry which was a 5 minute walk from when we were staying. 
By the time we had got back from our walk, which actually turned into a small hike the sun was shining and the temperature had soared so we got changed and ditched the coats and headed off to the beautiful town of Portmeirion.
Portmeirion was created from one mans vision, that man was Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. His motto was 'Cherish the past, Adorn the present and Construct for future' I think he did pretty well with that. On arrival it feels like you've ended up on the Amalfi coats with its Mediterranean houses with turquoise shutters, palm trees and bright colours exploding all over.
Just a few steps down and you were by a beautiful sandy beach, I can imagine on a lovely hot day you could spend hours here. There was a great pirate ship the children could play on, and as it was so quiet they had it all to themselves.
There's options for you to stay in Portmeirion, choose between the incredible hotel, cute cottages or even the Victorian castle. Every detail has been thoroughly thought about, my pictures really don't do it any justice, you have to visit the place to appreciate how spectacular it is. 
There were so many places you could sneak off an explore, down off one side we found this incredible 'mermaid cave' which was full of wondrous shells and surrounded by beautiful flowers, which I imagine would be immensely colourful when they bloom in the summer.
I would go back to Portmerion in a heartbeat, it was such a pleasure to walk around and it would be the perfect place for a picnic and ice cream in the summer. 

Day three was our last day and we managed to squeeze even more in on our route home. Check out my post which will be live on Friday to find out where we check out.

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