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My little fairy is turning three at the beginning of March and we've been sourcing her presents since Christmas. She's a typical girly girl, she loves pink, glitter and princesses. My husband and I love that about her and don't try and influence her in anyway, her current favourites include Disney Princesses...especially Frozen, Sylvanian Families and crafting.

With her birthday being only 9 weeks after Christmas, we have to really think about what we can get her as she gets so much over the festive period. I've made a list of a few things we've got her.
First up we got her this adorable Bridgford Rainbow 12" bike, she's been really interested in bikes since Noah got one for Christmas so we thought we'd get one for her that she can learn to ride on and miss out the balance bike stage. 
Eva's really enjoying playing with her brother's Duplo at the moment, there's no point in us buying her loads but we thought a few pink bricks and some of her favourite princesses would be a nice addition to the collection. We found this sweet Disney Princess Belle set on Amazon and I think she's going to love it.
Eva's favourite song to sing at the moment apart from 'let it go' is Happy Birthday, she sings it to everyone and makes you blow out an imaginary cake and you always get a present. We thought this Jojo Maman Bebe Birthday Cake be great for her as she loves playing in her kitchen and now she can have a real cake when she sings her song. 

Like I said at the beginning Eva really enjoys all thing Disney Princess and she seems to know all of them. She got Elsa and Anna figures for Christmas so we got her 5 more for her birthday, her imagination when playing is lovely to watch. We got these ones from the Disney Store and at the moment they're all in the sale at £10 each. 
I'm really passionate about growing Eva's book collection, she's getting a really lovely variety already. I saw one of the childrens cousins reading this and I knew we had to get it for her. I hope it inspires her to do great things in this world, we got our copy from Amazon.

Lastly we got Eva her very own playhouse from Toys R Us, this will be a present she enjoys with her big brother and we have big plans for this little garden house. I'll be posting our makeover reveal on the blog once we've completed the work. We're hoping to have finished it by her birthday but I have a feeling we're being optimistic with the weather like it is at the moment. 

So this is what our little princess will wake up to on her birthday along with some other small crafty bits and some costume jewellery. As you can see there's a definite pink girly theme. I hope this is helps with some ideas for gift ideas for girls around 3 years old.

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