by - January 21, 2018

Our household has been well and truly hit by the football bug. Whatever the weather he's in the garden kicking a ball around, he reads Match of the day religiously, he can have a serious conversation with an adult about the recent transfers and he can pronounce footballers names I couldn't attempt. He's so incredibly passionate about it and its so lovely to see him develop on the pitch and be genuinely happy when he's playing. 
We've entered his first year of league matches so now we have training late on a Friday night and matches kick off at 9:30am every Saturday!! Which means I've officially become a football mum...goodbye lazy Saturday mornings, hello freezing cold and wet sidelines. 

I've put together a list of my favourite parts of being a football mum.

1. Asking them to get dressed as were going out for the day and be greeted by a child in full kit...including shin pads.
2.Having shares in Vanish because not only do they slide on the pitch for fun, the male(!!!) coach decided white shorts were the best option.
3. Getting drenched and frozen week in, week out. I didn't like being warm anyway.
4. There's no point cleaning the car out before the weekend because no matter how careful you are getting them back in you WILL find mud everywhere. 
5. Screaming on the sideline and thinking your advice is better than the coaches will make you look stupid. Does this mean you'll stop absolutely not. 
6. The new ability to hold your wee like you've never held it before. If you're lucky enough to play on a pitch that has toilets the chances are you wont want to use them.
7. Any conversation with your football mad child will only be about football, which team will win, match results who's better out of...
8. Football will magically appear on any TV in the house and it wont only be important games, any game will do. 
9. Even with strict rules of no football in the house, it will happen and things will get broken. Hide your valuables.
10. Match of the day will need to be purchased every Tuesday or they will be missing important information and this is not acceptable. 

With all the joking aside being part of a team means your child will make friendships which hopefully will last a lifetime and if your lucky enough you'll make new friends who share the same freezing conditions week in week out with you. 

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