by - January 31, 2018

To carry on sharing books during Story telling week, I thought I would share some books that our 7 year old boy is loving to have read to him at the moment. Noah is a really confident reader and reads chapter books daily, but when it comes to bedtime and reading to him we like the shorter stories which we can finish in one sitting. 
These are four books we're enjoying reading to him at night time. 
Superworm - Another Julia Donaldson book we love, a really great story about a helpful Superworm who is captured by an evil crow who puts a spell on him to hunt for treasure. His friends conjure up a plan to rescue their friend and bring him home.
The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed - Tom Fletcher has made the most hilarious series of books, we have three out of four and love them all equally but this one was the first one we brought and it's a firm favourite at nighttime. It's all about a little boy who doesn't want to tidy his room and gets his dinosaur to eat it all up, as you can imagine it ends up in a smelly, poo filled mess. 
The wondrous world of Noah - This beautiful personalised story is all about how a little boy goes on a quest to find the out what makes him special, during his journey he makes new friendships and discovers an enchanting would of magic.
The Trouble with Dragons - This great story is about how dragons are ruining their world, leaving a great mess. They come to realise the way they're treating the world will soon make it unrecognisable. They seek help and learn how to keep the planet a happy place full of wildlife.

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