by - December 12, 2017

He's been back for over a week now and my what a fun week he had. I've shared what he's been up to since he's been back to hopefully give you all some inspiration. 

Since he first appeared we've always had a big North Pole breakfast for the children, but it was even more exciting for them this year as he was visiting them at their new house. This year the 1st of December fell on a school day so a breakfast of sugar wouldn't have been the best idea. I opted for pancake and fruit in the shape of an elf and a fruit candy cane. There was a freshly baked banana cake and North Pole milk for them both. He decorated the table and room, and brought the children a christmas activity book each. The welcome sign and I'm back banner were made on Microsoft Word and I just printed them out. I made the garland with some pom pom's and thread. I found the behaviour charts in Poundland and they seem to be a big hit with the children.
Day two Chippy decided to play hide and seek in the toilet rolls.
Day three, Chippy was watching the children from high up in the lights.
Day four, Chippy hid some candy canes on the Christmas tree for the children to find. You can find the simply wonderful free printable's here. (Does anybody else's writing become child like when your being an elf...)
Day five, Chippy went sledging down the stairs.
Day six, Chippy had a midnight feast of Nutella.
Day seven, Chippy hid out of the way of having a house full of builders all day.
I get so much inspiration from looking on Instagram and Pinterest, if you have any magical elf ideas please share them below in the comments box.

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