by - November 19, 2017

We're into the 2 week countdown until our little friend will be back. I made a rod for my own back when Chippy first arrived and now simply moving him each night will not do.

I'm a list maker through and through and find if I'm going to have any chance of being remotely organised, I need to write my thoughts down. 

I decided this year to make a calendar to write down what I would be doing with Chippy on each day. I put all of the main ideas in first such as arrival breakfast, letter from Father Christmas and Christmas eve box and then fill in the gaps with ideas we haven't used before.
I've attached the pdf which your all welcome to print out and use to help keep track of your ideas. 

I've found lots of useful supplies on the internet and will be sharing them weekly with what Chippy has been up to at our house. 

The world is feeling a little bit sad at the moment so I've added a little act of kindness each day for the children to try and do that will hopefully bring a smile to someone. 

Here's to a month of not being able to go to bed until the little red man has moved!

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