by - October 09, 2017

I can still remember the feeling of fully believing in magic and fairies, I don't think its a feeling that ever leaves you. I've been following Amy (LolasLittlePalace) over on Instagram for a few years now and I've been desperate to get one of her enchanting fairy doors for Eva's room, as soon as we moved and her shop re opened I wasted no time sending in my order. 

The door arrived beautifully packaged and with the sweetest note on the front and the addition of a miniature key was such a wonderful touch. I read the note out to Eva and she was instantly excited about the idea of having fairies coming into her room.
The door comes handmade out of sustainable sourced plywood, painted and primed and then hand cut bunting is added across the door. At present there are 20 different colour options and even some holiday styles available. Once you've chosen your colour you can then go ahead an personalise your door with either your child's name or the name of their fairy. We opted for Blush pink and glitter as our little lady is a big fan of pink and sparkles so it suited her flawlessly.  
We picked a spot just above her skirting board not far from her bed and popped it on with the double sided sticky pads that come supplied. She just sat next to it talking to the fairies for about 10 minutes. She was so careful when trying to open the lock with the key (it doesn't actually fit so don't leave little ones unattended with it) explaining to me that the fairies will come when she's asleep and if she's a really good girl. 
Amy offers lots of great additional items you can add to your fairy doors, I'm going to get some more when Eva is a bit older and I can't wait for her to make magical memories. I would recommend these doors to anyone looking to bring fairy magic into their home. Check out Lola's Little Palace over on Etsy here.

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