by - September 08, 2017

I've just entered my third year as a primary school mum, I thought I'd share some of the wonderful things you have to look forward to if you've just enrolled. Good luck mums! 

1. Even with all good intentions homework is done the night before it's due in. It's not homework for your child its for you. 

2. At least once a term you will forget money for a trip or a cake sale, keep change on you every drop off and pick up unless you fancy facing the wrath of a child who didn't get a cake. 

3. You use Amazon prime to order the fancy dress costume you were going to make from scratch, even with 2 months notice and all of the Pinterest browsing.

4. The amount of 'art work' that comes home could fill a small office, yet you have a hard time throwing any of it away. When you do they will ask where a specific piece is and you find yourself thinking of elaborate reasons where its gone. 

5. Even with a clean jumper on when they leave the house, it will have a mark on it before they enter the classroom, the lick of the finger wipe will be a common site in the playground. 

6. Even the strongest leather shoes will need to be replaced by the end of term one, as apparently they're used to scrape the playground floor. 

7. You have a secret sense of happiness when another parent forgets something and it isn't you!! 

8. Your six year old has a much better social life than you, school events, birthday parties and sport clubs. Say goodbye to lay ins and any social life you have. 

9. You're still waiting in the playground until they've walked into the classroom waving and blowing kisses and they don't even look around and acknowledge you...

10. You've realised your child has developed an attitude of a 14 year old and take a moment to realise it's only going to get worse. 

11. Within 15 minutes of being home your child has eaten every snack you have in the house and is STILL hungry. 

12. Relying on the other mums to remind you whats coming up the following week is the only way you'll get through without your child hating you. 

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