by - June 01, 2017

As hard as I try sometimes I fall into the trap of repeating the same activities with the children again and again. I want my children to have an incredible childhood its something I'm extremely passionate about. I came across these lovely personalised cards from Loved By Olivia . The cards come with 25 random activities on that you can do with your children and a space on each card where you can mark the date you carried it out. 

Noah understood the concept of the cards a lot more than Eva so we made a game out of choosing an activity from the pack. I held the cards up like you would for a magic trick and asked Noah to pick a random card for us to do. I started to mark the backs of the ones we've already completed so he didn't re pick them.
We've started to do them every weekend as a little something for Noah to get excited about and also a wonderful way for us to really interact with them on an activity we know they're going to enjoy. We made a big agreement that there would be no distractions when we were carrying out the activity so they would always be remembered as special moments for both us and the children.
Check out Loved By Olivia at her shop here. She designs some wonderful things to make childhood simply magical. 

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