by - May 15, 2017

I'm excited to start The Siblings Project on my blog. I take so many photos of the children and sometimes I don't have anywhere to put them so having a space on the blog to put them is just perfect. Taking pictures of them each month will be a lovely way to watch them grow and see their relationship continue to develop.

I've been asked a few times how I found the age gap between the children and if i wished I would have them close together. Having a 4 year age gap was never a concern for us, we were able to give Noah sole attention for such a long time and when Eva came along he was at a great age to adjust to sharing us. 

What I never expected was the relationship they have developed. Eva is absolutely obsessed with Noah. She thinks he's the bees knees and is in complete ore of everything he does. Noah is his most patient when he's with her, he loves her joining in with him and will go out of his way to involve her. They just have fun, good old fashion giggly fun. There's no sibling rivalry, or bickering. 
Being a mum of two is sometimes a struggle, but seeing them together gives me the biggest sense of satisfaction. I hope they will always be this close.

The Me and Mine Project

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