by - May 18, 2017

We've been married for 8 months now and it wasn't until we were reminiscing on our honeymoon that I remembered we had a pre-wedding shoot at our beautiful venue a few months before the big day. 

There were so many reasons why we decided to go with Hayley for our wedding photography, the main three were...I'm not hugely confident in front of the camera, I feel awkward and shy. I explained all of this to Hayley when we booked with her and even before she got her camera out she made me feel at ease. Secondly my children were going to be a huge part of my day and any parent knows the difficulty of photographing children. I didn't want to feel like they were being a pain or made to feel like they were getting in the way, Hayley was so warm and welcoming to the children and not once did I get the impression they were a nuisance to her. Lastly apart from outside the church I didn't want any forced fake photos of the wedding day. My favourite photos are natural candid photos where people genuinely look happy, so when Hayley recommended these before we even brought it up it felt like a perfect match. 

We didn't want to go with cheesy matching outfits for the children but still wanted something that would be great to see in photos for years to come, we decided to use our Magnificent Stanley tops and I'm so glad we did. You can check out her fab designs here.

Our pre-wedding shoot was like any other event we plan the start was wonderful the sun was shining, the children were playing ball, then the children left and we had some time to get comfortable in front of the camera and see what worked for us. Then as if like clockwork just as we had finished the last photos the heavens opened and we got trapped in the barn whilst the 40 minute thunderstorm took place. I almost feel like rain brings us luck, all of our big events have consisted of some rain.

I've picked a couple of my favourite photos from the shoot, hope you enjoy. 

You can check Hayley's page and other work out here.

Look how completely handsome my husband is..!!!

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