by - May 08, 2017

I've been tagged a few times on Instagram to do 20 facts about me and I said if I got tagged more than 5 times I would do them...so here they are and I've discovered I'm really not a very exciting person.
1. I'm 27 years old.
2. I had my first child just after my 21st birthday and my second when I was 25.
3. I met my husband at Sainsbury's when I was 19 and pretty much stalked him until he asked me out.
4. The first time I met Jays parents I was extremely drunk and had been sick in their local pub...ooops!
5. I have a huge desire to help people but cannot figure out which career would suit me best to do that.
6. I suffer from Dermatillomania, a condition which means I can't help but pick my skin, It was a massive relief to see it was a real condition and I'm taking steps to try and keep it under control.
7. My favourite animal is a Manatee, I fell in love with them when I first saw them at Disney World Florida.
8. I drink way to much tea, no matter the weather it's the only drink I ordinarily have...apart from Prosecco of course. 
9. I love watching programs about killers I find it so interesting, Born to Kill is my favourite. My husband hates it so I have to watch them when he's out.
10. I have the worst memory and its my biggest flaw. I get so upset when I forget an occasion.
11. I would love to get a degree, once the children are both at school full time I'm going to embark on a new education adventure. 
12. I can wiggle my ears, my husband had a dream about me being able to do it and it turns out I can. 
13. I go through candles like nobodies business, and my favourite scents are vanilla based. 
14. I do way to many personality tests online.
15. I was obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I owned every film, book, make up item and clothing they ever made. I made my mum and Dad drive me to Asda in High Wycombe so I could stock up with my Birthday money. 
16. I'm a Virgo and everything ever written about them sums me up completely. 
17. I have two tattoos, I dislike them both and one day will get them covered. 
18. I LOVE spicy food the hotter the better. My father in law loves this about me.
19. My big brother is my hero, he makes me so proud with the way he lives his life and all of the incredible things he achieves. 
20. I was made to be a Mama, they are my whole world. They will always be my proudest achievement and everything I do is to make sure they have the best childhood imaginable. 

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