by - April 13, 2017

Today we discovered another little treasure only about 20 minutes from our house. The Old Shed in Charlbury, Oxfordshire.
I find this time of year is perfect to go and see all the baby animals and to get out as much as you can with your littlies. 
The biggest issue I find when I go out with the children is finding somewhere child friendly, there is always that one person who gives you the look when your child actually makes a noise. Here was the complete opposite they had a shelf of books, colouring sheets and pencils. 3 baskets full of different toys, a car mat and little tiny toddler friendly chairs. 
They brought in some baby chicks so the children could keep going up to look at them, giving you time to enjoy the coffee (and cake....) you purchased. 
The outside space is wonderful, its fully enclosed putting you at ease whilst the children are free to explore. 
Once you've finished in The Old Shed you can go and explore the animals they have on the farm. They had a wide selection of farm animals you can see and pet, again they're all full enclosed from the road the so the children can run around and go the way they want to and you don't have to worry.
Overall it was a lovely, rustic and enjoyable place to visit. 

Check out their website here.

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