by - November 22, 2016

I've just realised I have only blogged once about my wedding since the moment we got engaged and I seriously cannot believe it. I wanted to share my venue with you all today. It was utterly beautiful and exactly what we were looking for when we were searching.

We decided on and booked Stratton Court Barn located in Stratton Audley Oxfordshire. 
We wanted a venue which matched our personalities, we love the country and when we buy our next house a remote village location is the one we will go for. It's small, up and coming and totally adorable. There is so much thought and effort that goes into every detail and change at the venue. 

Your greeted with a stunning long drive, which worked perfectically for us as we got to drive our wedding camper up it. At the top of the drive your first view is the stunning farm house and breathtaking views of fields for miles.

Lets start with the dining area, I mean its bloody perfect. As soon as we started looking I realised that I become obsessed with a certain type of chair...yep you heard me correctly a chair. When we saw the venue, it had recently been renovated and they had added the 'chair', I absolutely knew it was the one, going to the open day and seeing it dressed decided that for us. The dining room requires no decoration what so ever it's just pretty, I think adding anything apart from table decorations would have ruined it's charm. It comes equipped with this delightful dresser which is in a perfect position for you to show your cake off as your guests enter the room. It's not massive and I think 75 people is your max to feel comfortable but that's what we liked about it, it's personal and intimate.
The entrance hall was to die for, when we first looked it had a mural on one of the walls which would have taken some creative decorating to match. But about 6 months before the wedding they completely transformed the hall into a rustic fresh beautiful space, which was full of little details that they had put so much thought in to. 
The bar area was perfect, again not massive but its surprising how many people it actually fits comfortably. We didn't add any decorations in here as the DJ supplied beautiful lights, they had wrapped fairy lights around the beams and the decoration was fresh and clean you didn't need to waste time and money adding bits. 
There is so much space outside which you could do countless things with. We decided to offer an ice cream bike to our guests on arrival and even with a bit of rain it went down a storm. We opted for a fire pit as it gets so cold in the evening and they look so pretty once it gets dark. My husband made this exceptional oak frame for guests to take photos with....we just need to find somewhere to put it now! For the kids (we had 20) we laid out garden games on the lawn they had such a lovely time and were able to run free as there was no worries about cars.
There were two extra special parts of the venue which just topped it off for us. There's a special bridal room that you can use for photos and also to compose yourself through out the day. I only used it once but it was so nice to pop up with my bridesmaids have a giggle and freshen up. Also the owners let the bride and groom take personal photos in their private garden. This was such a bonus because it meant that we would have a back drop from our day that no one else will have, it was also so lovely to have a bit of time just Jay and I where we could take a minute to talk and actually see each other. 
Over all I couldn't fault the venue, our wedding Coordinator Karin was exceptional. She made us feel comfortable and in control the whole way. We will always be extremely thankful to her and the time and effort she put in. 
Check Stratton Court Barn out here and if your local go and check them out you wont regret it.  

*All photos are curtesy of Hayley Ruth Photography, she captured the magical moments from our day. Check her out here.

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