by - June 28, 2016

Today is one of those days. 

The day you get woken up to find out your 5 year old has wet the bed, only then to notice you've turned your alarm off and your so late it's not even funny. Carrying around a head of grease because there was just about enough time to put deodorant on nothing else. Your 5 year old then having a melt down because his new toothpaste makes him feel sick. This is after he has refused to eat any of the breakfast options, then wants the first one you offered. Finally dropping him off at school for him to remember he has PE that day and needs trainers. 

On these days everything else will continuously go wrong. My washing machine smells, pretty darn bad. My carpet smells of dog, I considered ripping it up before school pick up. The food shop went well until I got to the checkout and I'd forgotten my vouchers and I have a huge spot on my cheek which makes me feel sick to touch. 

At around 1:30pm after I had finally got the cheeky fairy to sleep. I had my first hot cup of tea of the day and sat down. It was then I realised that actually my day hadn't been so bad. My children were both fed, clean and we made it to school on time. We have full cupboards and I have a cute smelly dog. 

Parenthood is a whirlwind of emotions that will never stop. It will always surprise you and you won't ever feel in control again. 

But we should always remember to be humble and when the going gets tough remember that there are people out there that are far worse off than you. 
Keep smiling mummies

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