by - December 01, 2015

I just can't explain with words how much joy my beautiful babies bring to me. They make every holiday a million time more exciting and special. I remember when I was small the traditions we had for Christmas which carried on every year until I moved out. I want my children to feel the excitement at Christmas that my Mumma created for me.

This year we have a very special visitor in our house. His name is Chippy (originally Buddy but the dvd changed his mind...!) and he's one of Santa's very own elves. 
The story about Chippy is perfect, he came from the North Pole and reports back to Santa every night to let him know how Noah has been all day and he can't be touched otherwise he will lose his magic. 

This morning Chippy arrived bright and early and brought a very special North Pole breakfast with him. There was candy cane fruit, snowman pancakes and Arctic chilled milk with festive striped straws.  
To mark his special arrival Chippy bought Noah a couple of very special presents including 'An Elf's Story' a dvd that tells the story of Elf on a shelf and a book of Christmas stories that we can read throughout December. 
I'm so excited to start creating the mischievous ways Chippy will return from the North Pole and Noah's already on his best behaviour! 

Keep an eye on my Instagram to see what he's been up to.

Happy Holidays

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