by - November 04, 2015

My daughter Eva is definitely well into the teething stage, although we are still awaiting the arrival of a tooth we've been taking action to help soothe her gums. Armed with teething powders and a box of teethers I thought I would share with you my favourites.

I offer them to her at different times so she doesn't get bored. Her favourite is definitely Sophie la Girafe, the shape and texture is perfect for chewing and playing with, the added squeak makes her laugh every time. Her second favourite is the Nuby Bug-A-Loop this one is really bright and has lots of different textures, you can pop it into the freezer and it stays cold for a really long time. Thirdly is the Aquafresh Milk Teeth Teething ring, this one has lots of different textures on so she can move it around in her hands and when she pops it back into her mouth she's chewing on another surface. Lastly is the Lamaze Teethimal, this one doubles as a rattle. She tends to shake this one a bit more than chew but it's good for when she wants to chomp down onto it. 

I would recommend getting a few teethers for your little one as they teeth for a long time, it's an investment in the long run. They're great to pop in your changing bag and easy to whip out anywhere. 

I'm always on the look out for new teethers for her to try and tend to pick something up every week. 

What are your little ones favourite teether toys?

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