by - September 01, 2015

As a mother there is nothing more you want in the world than to keep your babies healthy and happy. So when one of them is ill or develops a condition it is the most heartbreaking time in the world.

Ever since Noah turned 2 he started to develop styes on his eyes, to begin with they were small and not massively noticeable. Then just after his 3rd birthday he got a massive painful looking stye which just kept getting bigger, I took him to the doctors who took one look and said its a stye its fine it will go on its own with some warm compresses. I came away and a week later I took him back as it hadn't helped at all. They prescribed him some eye cream which was designed for conjunctivitis. It helped a bit by drying the stye out but once it had popped it was left still raised and sore. Eventually it healed and there was no mark left. He carried on having redness and small styes around his eyes and after researching online it left me feeling paranoid that I was doing something wrong...Was it his diet? Was he overtired? Was he stressed? He had another large stye in the summer and then again just after the following Christmas. This time he developed Scarlet Fever so was treated with anti biotics and the stye cleared up within a few days. So when he got his next large stye I took him straight back to the doctors and explained how the anti biotics had helped and they said that they don't like to give anti biotics out unless they have to, which I completely understand to a degree but to a small 4 year old who has a huge style blocking his eye it was heartbreaking to hear. After taking him back again I finally got the diagnosis of Blepharitis. I was told it was Chronic condition with no cure, to use baby shampoo twice daily and just treat the styes as they come. That was it. 

So of course I came home panicked, blamed myself and thought about how awful it was going to be for him to have to cope with this for the rest of his life. Then I cracked on with the research. 

What is Blepharitis? 

Blepharitis is a condition where the edges of the eyelids become inflamed (red and swollen).

The two Types of Blepharitis:
Anterior Blepharitis  where the inflammation affects the skin around the base of your eyelashes (Noah has this one)
Posterior Blepharitis  where the inflammation affects your Meibomian glands (found on the inside edge of your eyelids)

I didn't feel satisfied that there would be no cure for it, so when a family member recommended contacting a homeopath I was intrigued. I had never dealt with one before. So I told the gentleman all about Noah's condition and he came straight back to me. He recommended Pulsatilla 30. He explained to carry out the dosage on the packet for his age and see how it goes.

We have finished the dosage and along side the twice daily eye washing and I have seen a dramatic decrease in the dandruff and the redness has almost disappeared. We're still recovering from the large stye, and I'm gutted because he starts primary school this week and it's still there.

This condition isn't common in small children, so if your son or daughter is experiencing any of the similar symptoms then it would be worth getting them checked out by a doctor. 

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