by - May 21, 2015

The wedding is officially happening, so I can finally start dress hunting. I am so excited about finding my perfect dress. I was lucky enough to try on some beautiful designer gowns when I first got engaged but being pregnant my whole engagement meant that dress shopping was a no go for me.

So now I can try on as many as I want I'm going to take full advantage. I'm pretty sure I've found the style that suits my body to find the dress! 

My top tip before you set off on the hunt for your dream dress is:

Set a budget
Before you go anywhere near a bridal boutique make sure you've sat down with your fiancé and decide on a budget for your dress. This way you can let the bridal boutique know what your working with and they can bring dresses to suit your price. There is nothing worse than setting your heart on a dress 3x your budget.

I found some helpful information on Pinterest and thought I would share. 

Happy dress shopping to all my fellow bride to be's!!

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