by - May 26, 2015

I found packing my hospital bag so much fun, not only was I filling it with pretty pink things it was a constant reminder that my baby girl was going to be with us soon. 

I was lucky enough to be gifted this beautiful Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Wise Owl changing bag from my wonderful in law ladies. It was the one I wanted from the minute I found out I was pregnant so to be filling it with baby items was a dream. 
Even though I have already packed one hospital bag when I had my son, I still had to take to the internet and check out what my fellow bloggers packed in theirs. It's amazing how many new products have come onto the market. 
In my bag I included:
*A pack of water wipes
*Cotton pads
*3x small baby vests (Up to 7lbs)
*3x small baby sleep suits (Up to 7lbs)
*3x muslin squares
*2x bibs
*2x scratch mitts
*1x blanket
*1x swaddle pod
*1x antibacterial hand gel
*A few nappy sacks
*2x baby hats
*1x baby headband
*A full pack of size 1 nappies were in Daddy's bag as they didn't fit.

We had the car seat in the car with the snow suit and hat in ready for when she was ready to come home.

Although I didn't feel like I over packed we were only in the hospital for 6 hours so we only used one outfit but its a comfort to know you are prepared if you have to stay overnight.

Remember to check what your local hospital provide as they all differ. 

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