by - May 19, 2015

An arrival of a new baby is a big adjustment for everyone, I think especially for a sibling. Noah is now 4 years old and for the last 4 years he has had the complete attention of myself and Jay. So trying to make the transition of being an only child to his new role of a big brother was of a high importance to me.

I found a few things helped us make the transition as smooth as it could be. 

* Reading books about a new baby.
We took noah for a trip to the library and found all the books we could that explained what was going to happen when his sister arrived. We found stories about new babies and emotions were the ones he paid more attention to. 

* Encouraging him to interact with my bump.
We continually encouraged him to interact with my bump, explaining who was in there and answering any questions he had. Nearer the end of my pregnancy he was singing, telling stories and kissing my bump without any interference from me.
* Involve them with anti-natal appointments
We took Noah to all of my scans. We were lucky enough to be part of a research scheme at my local hospital so had an extra 6 3D scans. We made sure he was involved with the process and the sonographer was brilliant at explaining what we could see on the screen to him. 

*Let them choose gifts for the new baby.
If we ever went shopping for the baby, I was very conscious of how Noah must have been feeling. I always asked him to help me pick bits for her and if he ever suggested something for her we brought it. It's heart warming watching him pick special bits.

*Big Brother bag
We made a special bag for Noah, to give to him at hospital and told him it was from his new baby sister. I got a beautiful handmade bag and filled it with lots of goodies. It contained a big brother super hero T-shirt, Thor outfit, colouring book and pens, sweets, chocolate milkshake, mini Hawkeye figure and a card from Eva. Safe to say it went down a treat. 
 (excuse how blurred it is..!)

*Getting him involved.
Once she was here we encouraged Noah to be as involved as he wanted to be, it took him a while to adjust as we had a lot of visitors during the first two weeks. Once things settled down and we got back into our normal routine his love for his sister blossomed. He is in complete awe of her, he sings her songs, helps with her bottles and constantly checks she is ok. It's heart warming seeing them developing this relationship, I am such a lucky Mummy.
I hope some of these work for you, and good luck with your new addition.

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