by - April 16, 2015

She's been here for 6 weeks but I've been enjoying and adjusting to my new life as a mummy of two. Our little bundle of 6lb14oz lushness, Miss Eva Darcy entered this world on the 2nd March 2015 at 10:27am one day after her due date.

Like every other mum to be, I was trying everything to get her moving and out, from dancing in my living room, long walks with my boys and super hot curries. When I went for my 40 week appointment on the Saturday I asked for a stretch and sweep as I'd had enough, uncomfortable and I knew she was fully cooked. To my surprise I found out I was already 4cm dilated so all the bouncing and walking had paid off. I had a few twinges that day and evening and it all stopped by the time I went to bed. Sunday came and I was having some back pain, we decided to go and get a food shop in so I was walking around Tesco having mild contractions...(I'm so glad I did so we had actual food in the house when I came home) that night I was getting strong back pain but didn't think it was labour as she wasn't back to back and I didn't experience this with my first labour. I got everything ready for the next day and put Noah to bed. Then we chilled out watched a film and went to bed. About 11pm I woke up with strong back pain that I was having to breathe through, we decided to start timing them. They were getting more painful but were about 10 minutes apart, I tried to sleep in between, they then were getting really painful and coming every 6 minutes, I called the maternity unit to let them know and they told me to stay at home until they were 2-3 minutes apart. This lasted about 2 hours and then my waters broke half way through a contraction, I managed to make it to the toilet and not make any mess...ha!! Then, they stopped the contractions were coming every 20 minutes and I felt so disheartened as I didn't want to have to go in the following day and be induced. I couldn't have been more un prepared for how quickly it went from there I woke up with intense contractions and they were coming 3 minutes apart and they were becoming unbearable, Jay was amazing he kept me calm during the contractions and kept my breathing under control. Noah decided that he wanted to wake up a 6am that day so I was having to hide through contractions which at this point were coming every 2 minutes and Jay was having to go between seeing to Noah and breathing through a contraction with me. At 7am we decided we needed to go to the hospital, we called my mum and she came over to get Noah off to school. We left for the hospital and got stuck in Monday morning rush hour traffic in two places, we finally arrived at the hospital at around 8am where I was taken to the Maternity assessment unit and was getting the urge to bare down, I had to wait around half an hour for someone to come and see me as they were short staffed and there was only one midwife on duty, she came to give me an initial assessment to find I was 8cm and almost ready to push. Having got this far without any pain relief I welcomed the gas and air as I was wheeled around to the delivery suite. I got into the delivery room and within 2 hours and a few pushes our little girl was born they quickly laid her on my chest for skin to skin and left the cord to finish pulsing before they clamped it, Jay then cut the cord. I couldn't believe the love I instantly felt for another little human, it was love at first sight. My midwives were amazing and just let me go with my body. We left the hospital at around 4pm the same day, every thing was so smooth there was no need for us to stay and I just wanted to be at home with my bed and familiar surroundings. Once all of our visitors had gone it was just the four of us (still feels weird writing that) my heart could of burst with love watching the three most important people in my life having a cuddle on the sofa.
This birthing experience was completely different to my first one, being able to experience almost my whole labour at home with just Jay was beyond amazing. It felt so relaxed and I wish I had gone ahead and planned for a home birth. The whole experience was magical and I will treasure the memories for ever. It has taken our relationship to a whole new level and I cannot thank him enough for his support throughout and within the first two weeks. 

Noah has become the most caring, doting big brother and it brings tears to my eyes every time I watch him with her. They are going to be the best of friends.
I am so grateful for these two beautiful healthy babies I have, and apart from being a little tired am loving the newborn stage again I wish time would just stand still, it's already going so fast.

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  1. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy :)