by - January 23, 2015

 As with everything I feel like I have learnt so many new things with this pregnancy, so many things change and evolve from one pregnancy to another. One of my biggest new findings was Raspberry Leaf Tea. I first heard about it from a friend who had her baby back in June and from there I went on to do some serious research on this magical tea. 

There is a common misconception that this tea will bring on labour or cause premature birth. The use of the tea is to tone the uterus to help make it more efficient during labour by making the contractions stronger and shortening the pushing stage of labour. 

As with everything, the tea isn't for anyone here's a list of circumstances where the tea shouldn't be taken:
  • A previous labour lasted only three hours or less, from start to finish
  • You're scheduled a planned caesarian for a medical reason
  • You've had a caesarian before
  • You've had a premature baby before
  • You've had vaginal bleeding in the second half of pregnancy
The recommendations for when you should start taking the tea vary from place to place but I have commonly seen that you should start with one cup a day from 34 weeks and increase slowly to three cups a day until your labour. 
 There hasn't been much research carried out on the tea so the effects are not conclusive, however the success stories massively outweigh the unsuccessful ones. 

I'm willing to try anything that can help speed up my labour and cut my time pushing.

Have any of you had an experience with Raspberry Leaf Tea? 

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