by - January 28, 2015

My wonderful best friend and Godmother to my son threw me the most perfect baby shower this past weekend. Although it's traditional to have a 'baby sprinkle' second time around, I didn't have a shower with my son so she made it extra special for me. 

We had been talking about baby showers since I first found out I was pregnant this time, like I said baby showers weren't really around when I had my son so it was an exciting thing to plan. Being a complete Pinterest addict I instantly started looking at things to pin and ideas for the big day. We looked at dates and times and agreed to do it at my house. Then that was it, she shut me out ha! I was no longer allowed to talk about it in detail and wasn't allowed to know any of the details apart from the time and date. She told me I had to leave my house before so she could set up with the help of my mum and then come back for a certain time with another guest. 

So the day of the shower came and my mum turned up ready to get decorating, when I received a text from Carla that I needed to be out of the house before she arrived. So off we went to the Mother In Laws so I could arrive with her. The weirdest thing was how nervous I was, I knew everyone that was going to be there and it was in my house but still had butterfly's on the drive over.  

I arrived home and found a trail of balloons and banners all the way down the side of the house to my front door, such a lush touch, which I found out was made by two of my beautiful friends who came over early to help set up. I got into the house to see pink balloons and pretty banners everywhere, and all my favourite ladies sat in my living room.

My friend passed me my special baby shower cup, which was just perfect it was the style of cup I has been after for ages and came personalised with the date and occasion on. 

I went in the the room and said hello to everyone and sat down. We then played the first game which was the classic baby bingo, I love baby shower games there always silly and fun and there's lots of giggles from the guests. Carla had even organised prizes and kept the guests entertained with jokes throughout. 
Everyone then had to fill out a prediction card of when they think she's going to be due, how much she will weigh and other details, they were so funny to read through. Most people think I'm going to be early and she's going to be quite small so I hope they come true. 

We then did the opening of the presents, my least favourite part, I hate people watching me open presents, but it was so lovely and we got so many beautiful pink bits I completely forgot people were watching me. My Mother In Law to be made me a beautiful nappy cake. People were so generous with their gifts we were completely overwhelmed when we looked at it all together, we are truly grateful for everything we got, our little beauty is one spoilt girly already. 
We then had some yummy cakes and food that was laid out for us. The cupcakes were made by one of my very talented friends and were absolutely amazing and perfect. I'm so lucky to have these people in my life. 

Next was another game, we were blindfolded and had to feel inside a box and try and figure out how many baby items we could feel and remember. I love it when everyone gets involved and you can see people enjoy themselves. Whilst the game was going on, Carla had come up with a lovely idea of writing notes on nappies and keeping them just for night changes, so when I'm tired and having to change her in the middle of the night I can have a giggle at what people have written on the back of the nappy. I can't wait to read them all!

Then we cut the beautiful cake that had been made for me, it was so yummy and pink!!

I really cannot thank everyone who was involved with organising and setting up enough, it was beyond perfect and I am so blessed to have all of these wonderful people in my life. I'm so excited to meet her now!

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