by - January 02, 2015

Happy New Year to all my followers, readers and fellow bloggers. So many wonderful things happened in 2014, I cannot wait to see what 2015 has to offer..! (Apart from the excitement of the birth of our baby girl!)

It feels like forever since I last posted, my brain just couldn't figure out how to organise all the things I needed to fit in before Christmas and fit in blogging. Now that it's out the way and we've celebrated our little mans 4th (!!!!) birthday I'm slowly managing to schedule some blogging time back in. I'm now 31 weeks pregnant, I can't believe it's been 11 weeks since I have done an update. Lots of changes have happened in that time. I'll be posting an update on next week to fill you all in.

I hope everyone has a special and exciting 2015!


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  1. Wow, your baby will be here before you realize it! After my sons were born, I was so frazzled, forgetful, and my blog fell by the wayside for a little while (until I came back, lol). I hope that you'll post pics of your little ones when the time comes! :o)