by - September 29, 2014

Now Noah's hit the age where stories in books come to life for him, finding books that make him feel special are really important to me. 

When I found the Penwizard personalised Ben and Holly Birthday book I was over the moon. As an avid milkshake watcher, Ben and Holly is one of Noah's favourites. It's one of the shows where he will sit for the whole 10 minutes and watch it. 

The book is such a fantastic idea and suits Noah's age perfectly. He loves spelling his name and spotting it on personalised items in shops.
The process clear and simple and the step by step instructions make it impossible to make a mistake. You get a conformation email when you have completed your order and then emails all the way through until it is delivered to your door. 

You have the opportunity to add a personal message in the front page so the child can identify who the book is from. Unlike a lot of other companies you are able to write quite a long message to make it completely personal to your child.

You then get to customise how your child will feature in the book, there a lots of different options from hair and eye colour to skin colour and an option of glasses, I have no doubt that you will be able to match your child. 

The book is based on an episode where Holly forgets it's Ben's birthday, only in this story it's all about Noah's birthday and even includes he actual birthday date. His name pops up throughout the whole story, which makes it more special and personal.
The delivery was speedy and the quality of the book is great, the book retails at £14.99 + P&P which is a little more than I would normally spend on a book. But for a personalised birthday present I think this is pretty reasonable. 

Penwizard offer a variety of different stories and characters to suit a wide range of children's likes. 

I've also found a 15% off voucher code which can be used on any Penwizard product. Just enter 369123 at the checkout to receive the discount. Perfect for early Christmas shoppers.

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