by - July 30, 2014

I don't know about you but I was terrified of taking Noah on a plane for the first time, there is always that one child who screams and shouts and cries the WHOLE flight. I really didn't want to be that parent who had to awkwardly smile and apologies for my child behaviour. 

So I spent some time speaking to other mums with children on a similar age and looking online for other tips. That's how I came up with my fool proof plan of having an awesome flight.

First of all let your child choose their hand luggage, we gave Noah the option of his Captain America backpack (his new obsession) or his trunki. Of course he chose his Captain America bag, but he was a lot more excited as he was involved with the choosing. 

Next was filling it with essentials, we packed a spare pair of clothes, wipes and children's hand sanitiser. Once all the boring bits were done Noah picked his favourite little Knights and a Pirate, colouring crayons and some new books which all had colouring and activities in. 

Noah absolutely loves listening to the Frozen soundtrack and Now that's what you call Disney. So I downloaded them onto my phone and he borrowed Daddy's headphones. I think this kept him entertained for the longest.

The last time I went on a plane you used to be able to borrow blankets and Pillows but for some reason they have stopped that and now only sell them. We brought the set from Thompson which came in a little bag, ideal for keeping in the car for long journeys. This was a good investment as the air con on the plane can get really cold especially when you're trying to sleep. (Which Noah did the WHOLE way home!!) Even Jay made the most of it!

Obviously if you have a toddler you know that they are controlled by there stomach and they just want to eat continuously. So we brought Noah dinner and some special big boy snacks for the plane which kept him going until we arrived to our hotel.

Over all I cannot fault him on the flight he was an absolute angel, not one meltdown or moment, he was just in absolute awe of the whole situation.

I hope these tips can help you on your summer holidays.

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  1. Thans for sharing! We're flying with our 18-month-old for the first time in two weeks so this is just the type of advice I need right now. I've made a note about the blankets and pillows. We're flying during our naps times so if I can get her to sleep I will. It's only a few hours on the plane though so I think she'll probably stay awake. iPhones and books at the ready!

  2. Oooh, all very useful tips! My boys are still too young, lol, but I'll keep your advice in mind.
    Your little guy is sooo adorable, by the way. <3